Before I found this course, I was floundering and unable to get my business off the ground. I had so many questions about permits, FDA regulations, packaging, and marketing. After attending I left with much needed clarity, successfully launched my business and have seen steady growth and established a customer base that keeps me pushing full steam ahead.

Maya Madsen
Founder, Maya’s Cookies

If you are serious about starting/growing your farmers’ market business, then InTents Conference is a must. Attending this conference last year was the single most important thing we did to ensure the successful launch of our start-up farmers’ market spice tent business. Without the sage advice offered at the InTents Conference, we honestly would not have had the confidence to relocate to a new city and launch our new business. We got introduced to such a talented, vibrant and collaborative community. We met our trademark attorney there. We met our commercial kitchen partners there. The friendships we forged with fellow artisans, farmers, merchants and market managers continue to shape and define our growing business. Our concept started to become a reality when just a year ago we clicked on this very link and registered to attend this one-of-a-kind event .

Trevor Hale
Co-Founder, Smij Spicery

It was so beneficial to have market managers, farmers and food vendors all in the same room, all listening to each other, all gaining new ways to make our markets stronger. Even after decades in the farmers’ market world there’s always something new to learn.

Greta Dunlap
Manager, Beverly Hills Farmers Market

I think, more than anything, participating in the InTents conference got me excited about what was possible for us – both as a venue to grow a business of our own and also to be part of such a cool experience. There is something very special about being an integral part of a farmers’ market, with the other vendors, the staff, the customers that we really love. – Eric

The InTents Conference inspired us to take the first steps and put our dream of starting a kombucha business in motion. Also, being part of the farmers’ market community felt great – what a cool bunch of folks! – Jen

Eric and Jennifer Halverson
Co-Founders JenEric Foods

The InTents Conference was a great connection point and learning space for us. As a micro-farm, farmers’ markets aren’t in our direct marketing plan. Which means sometimes we feel disconnected – from the industry and new customers. Having a conference filled with both industry leaders and local thinkers bridged that gap and helped us meet our farm business goals 6 months early.   

Stepheni Norton
Founding Farmer, Dickinson Farm

Having founded my artisanal sweetener business roughly one year prior to the InTents Conference, I found the insight gained from the wide spectrum of presenters to be quite valuable. The network of people I met at the conference has been another great asset that I took away. As a newer business owner, the conference as a whole gave me a sense of validity and direction as we continue to grow!

Emily Josenhans
Founder, Domaine Sante

Last year’s InTents Conference helped me network with other farms and market managers throughout the area.  It demonstrated the community of market culture by bringing everyone together.

Vanessa Gregor
Farmers Market Team Leader

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