For this week’s episode of Tent Talk we bring you yet another live episode. In his presentation “The world needs less food,” recorded at the 2019 InTents Conference held last month in San Diego, organic farmer and author, Brent Preston dives deep into the complexity of our food system. Though he doesn’t claim to have a quick-fix solution to these large issues, Brent offers an interesting paradigm shift for the way we approach food production.

Big Ag has honed the message that industrialized, chemical-intensive farming is essential to feed a growing world population, and that relying on small-scale, sustainable growers would lead to mass starvation. But is that really the case? Overproduction is the root cause of food waste – and just about every other problem in agriculture.

Organic farmer, author and activist Brent Preston argues that massive overproduction of commodity crops is causing many of the biggest problems in our food system — food waste, obesity, environmental degradation and climate change. Brent weaves his lived experience as a farmer with a global perspective to challenge the idea that bigger is better, and to chart a hopeful future based on family farmers producing for the local market.

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