This week on Tent Talk we bring you a special episode recorded live from the 2019 InTents Conference in San Diego! In this panel discussion, moderated by Marcy Coburn, CEO of CUESA, panelists discussed why new markets are great, when a new market isn’t a good idea, and everything in between.

Every neighborhood wants it own farmers’ market, and who can blame them? Maybe in a perfect world, farmers’ markets would outnumber Starbucks, with one on every corner. But in today’s reality, what does more markets mean to farmers, food makers and existing markets’ managers? What elements predict market success, and who benefits when new markets open?

This panel discussion is moderated by Marcy Coburn, CEO of CUESA. Panelists include Amber Holland of Portland Farmers Markets, Alfonso Morales of Farm 2 Facts, and Megan Bomba of Occidental College.

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