2020 InTents: The Farmers Market Conference

Take advantage of three days of inspiring speakers, authors and experts on branding and marketing, hiring and training, regulations, packaging, costing and pricing, and expanding your business to wholesale and beyond.

Darren Chapman
CEO, Tiger Mountain Foundation

Meghan Dolly
Owner, The Loose Leaf

Ben Feldman
Executive Director, Farmers Market Coalition

Catt Fields White
Founder, San Diego Markets and Farmers Market Pros
Co-host, Tent Talk: The farmers market podcast

Beverly Grant
Founder, Mo’ Betta Green Marketplace

Pascale Le Draoulec
Market Manager and Founder, Morning Glory Markets
Author, American Pie

Nathan Macaulay
Chef and Sales Manager, Apricot Lane Farms

Sarah Marshall
Co-owner, Marshall’s Haute Sauce
Co-host, Meaningful Marketplace podcast Author, Preservation Pantry

Hugo Mogollon
Executive Director, FRESHFARM Markets

Alfonso Morales
Founder, Farm 2 Facts
Professor, University of Wisconsin

Brijet Myers
San Diego Markets and Farmers Market Pros
Co-host, Tent Talk: the farmers market podcast

Catherine Neville
Host, tasteMAKERS

John Piotti
President, American Farmland Trust

Lori Rice
Photographer and food stylist
Author, Food on Tap

Leigh Sloss Corra
Executive Director, The Market at Pepper Place

Charlotte Smith
Three Cow Marketing
Author, Farm Marketing From the Heart

Helena Sylvester
Farmer and Social Media Manager, Happy Acre Farm

Chris VanLeeuwen
Vice President, Veracity Insurance Solutions

Sena Wheeler
Co-founder, Sena Sea Seafoods

Mark Winne
Food Systems Trainer
Author, Food Town USA

Jenny Yang
Owner, Phoenix Bean

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