Meet the Tent Talk team!

Catt Fields White, co-host & market maestra

Catt is the director of San Diego Markets and founder of InTents Business and Vendor-101. With her experience as a Steering Committee member of the California Alliance of Farmers’ Markets, contributing to the national Farmers’ Market Coalition Leadership Forum, and writing about food policy and micro-entrepreneurship, Catt is Tent Talk’s resident farmers’ market expert. 

Brijet Myers, co-host & social media manager

Brijet spent years as an on-site farmers’ market manager for San Diego Markets. She’s put in her hours at the market hauling barricades and managing vendors and customers. Brijet also has the inside scoop on what it takes to run a successful farmers’ market, from pulling permits to social media marketing.

Justine Marzoni-Mead, co-host & producer

Justine is the event facilitator for the InTents Conference and co-owner of Baby Clydesdale Small Batch Hot Sauce. Justine and her husband, Dave (who wrote and performed the Tent Talk theme song!), are vendors at 4 weekly farmers’ markets in San Diego, so she is famililar with the struggles of starting a small business from scratch and how to build a farmers’ market presence. 

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