2018 InTents Conference

2018 Speakers

Nick Burton
State of the Soil

Ashley Colpaart
The Food Corridor

Rosalinda Delgado

Catt Fields White
San Diego Markets / InTents

Danny Fitzgerald

Neal Gottlieb
Three Twins

Dave Heafner
Da Le Ranch

Robert Hubbard
Mass Mutual

Maya Madsen
Maya’s Cookies

Stepheni Norton

Dickinson Farm

Justine Marzoni-Mead
Baby Clydesdale

Barbara Murphy
Murphy IP Law

Brijet Myers
San Diego Markets

Ashlie Pesic
Da Le Ranch

Leslie Pesic
Da Le Ranch

Forrest Pritchard
Growing Tomorrow

Jackie Rivera-Krouse

Celeste Raymond
Hot But Sweet Relish

Charlotte Smith
3 Cow Marketing

Melodie Tao
Marketing Melodie

Kat Thomas

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